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Soi Company Soy Candles


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Soi Company Soy Candles

These incredible candles double as a lotion!  Yes, you read that right!! They are made of premium grade soy oil and high quality fragrance and smell amazing.  You just light up your soy candle and when it gets a bit of a pool you dip your finger in and rub it on your skin.  It's not hot...just bath water warm but makes your skin feel and smell fabulous.  It's also great for eczema and other skin issues because of soy's many vitamins and minerals.

What I like best is that it doesn't stay oily on your skin but it stays soft and fragrant for hours (much longer than any lotion I've ever used). Also, because these candles are made of premium grade soy oil they burn for up to 150 hours (of course less if you're slathering yourself in it) and will fragrance a 500 sq. ft. open area.  

You'll never want to buy another candle brand again once you've tried The Soi Company soy candles!!